Sun Survival Kit


NEW! The Sun Survival Kit is essential for any outdoor activity. Keep it in the car, or attach it to your gear to make sure you’re always prepared for the elements! This kit will keep your skin protected from the sun and we’ve included some bonus survival gear for those just-in-case moments!


The Sun Survival Kit comes packed with all of this great gear!

  • Packed in a neoprene bag with a carabiner
  • Sunblock (SPF 30 – 1 oz.)
  • Sunblock Stick (SPF 30 – .60 oz.)
  • Zinc Stick (SPF 50 – .23 oz.)
  • Lip Balm (SPF 15 – .15 oz.)
  • Hand Sanitizer (1 oz.)
  • Aloe Vera (1 oz.)
  • Baby Powder (1.7 oz – great for getting sand off of your skin)
  • Lightload mini towel (expands to 12″ x 12″ once wet)
  • Toilet tissue (if you need it… you’ll be glad you have it)
  • Safety pins (2)
  • Variety of band aids
  • Alcohol Prep Wipe (2)
  • Triple Antibiotic Ointment
  • Hand and face wipe
  • Lens cleaning wipe (pre-moistened)
  • Bug wipe (30% deet)
  • Sting relief wipe


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