Fire Starter Kit
fire starter kit

Fire Starter Kit



The Fire Starter Kit is intended to be a small basic emergency survival kit that can be carried with you whenever you go outdoors. It easily fits in the pocket of a coat, small pack, hunting jacket, fishing vest or other small compartment. Our survival kits are designed to complement other camping and survival tools carried along with you such as a poncho, camp knife and first aid kit.


Fire Starter Kit Contents:

  • 1 retro-look steel storage container with hinged lid
  • 10 UCO Survival matches (in zip lock poly bag)
  • Military style magnesium fire starter and sparking steel
  • Genuine BIC lighter
  • 8 Tinder-Quik Fire tabs (in zip lock poly bag)
  • 2 Esbit Fuel tablets
  • Fire tinder stick
  • Magnesium shavings
  • Aluminum Foil 1 piece heavy duty approximately 12 inches x 24 inches

Storage Container with Hinged Lid measures approximately 4.25” Long x 3.125” Wide x 1” Deep. It can also be used as a signal flash reflector.

UCO Survival Matches not to be confused with the many imitation “survival” matches in today’s marketplace. The UCO Survival Matches are in a zip lock poly bag that includes 10 matches and 2 strikers. Unlike other “waterproof” or “windproof” matches, UCO Survival Matches are easy to light, and will stay lit for approximately 12 seconds. Do not use indoors. Caution: keep the strikers dry and store matches away from strikers.

Magnesium Fire Starter is designed to light fine tinder such as cotton, dried grass and paper. Size approximately 2.75” long. Imported. These fire starters are made using 100% magnesium and work as well as the U.S. military issue.

BIC Lighter is a genuine mini BIC that fits nicely inside the steel storage container.

Tinder-Quik Fire Tabs are great fire starters that aid in lighting larger tinder and wood. Each tab is made of cotton and is specially treated to ensure the cotton remains waterproof and will provide 1 to 2 minutes of burn time. Size approximately 1″ x 3/8″ (each).

Esbit Fuel Tablets 14 grams each can burn at 1,400 degrees F for up to 12 minutes.

Fire Tinder Stick is another great aid in lighting larger tinder and wood. Made with wood particles specially blended with paraffin and other items that will provide 4 to 6 minutes of burn time. Size approximately 3″ x 3/8” x 3/8″.

Magnesium Shavings are tightly packed small shavings and grindings in a 16mm x 75mm (approximately 5/8” x 3”) polystyrene tube with a recessed, hollow top, flat bottom cap. Hollow top caps are the best fitting caps and provide an air tight seal.

Aluminum Foil folded to fit in the storage container, has a multitude of uses including reflecting heat from a fire. We use Reynolds brand.

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